Unique and Functional Shower Bench Designs

Elegant Gray Bathroom Wall Tile Plus Square Niche for Soap with Perfume Idea Also Ultra Modern Shower Bench

A shower can be more comfortable and functional if you complete it with a bench. A small bench even has been able to bring greater comfort and functionality into the shower. While showering, you can sit comfortably on the bench. Bench with certain design can even add storage space in your shower.

The first picture shows a small wood shower bench. The wood bench is interesting because it has storage space. There are small spaces on seat of the wood bench, so you can use it to hang your towel. The second picture shows a small shower bench. The bench has stainless steel legs with built-in drawer and rack, while the seat is made of wood. You can keep bathing items, like shampoo bottle and razor, in the drawer or rack. There are tiny holes on wood seat of the bench.

The third picture shows a small shower with built-in bench. The bench was certainly made at the same time when the small shower was build. Gray tiles adorn the walls and bench of the shower, creating an elegant look. The small shower also has modern sliding glass door. Building a shower with built-in bench may be a more practical and economical choice than purchasing separated new bench.

If you love small shower with more modern design, than take a look at the third picture. Gray tiles also adorn the walls of the shower. However, there are also tiny tiles in gray and white colors, giving accent on the shower walls. The shower has built-in shelf. You can use the shelf to keep bathing items. Floating wood bench bring more modern impression in the shower. The wood bench is mounted on a wall of the shower. I am sure that the floating wood bench is very strong and durable because it has stainless steel frames.

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