Gate Designs to Enhance Your House Security and Beauty

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Gate is the point of entry to a house. When a person wants to enter a house, he or she needs to pass through the gate first. Gate designs often come in the form of fences; they can make houses have greater security. However, certain gate designs may also function only as decorative item.

The first picture shows a house with a wrought iron gate. The wrought iron gate comes with a rather artistic design. Black color of the gate makes it look elegant. Wood boards attach on the lower part of the gate, creating more welcoming nuance. The gate is also integrated with concrete fences that provide privacy for the house. However, the concrete fences are not high. The wrought iron gate also has gaps, indicating that the house owner is a friendly person.

If you like wood gate, then look at the second picture. From the second picture, you can see a ranch style house with exterior red brick walls. Black painted wood gates integrated with brick pillars and wrought iron fences enclose the house. The black wood gates certainly also have ranch style. The gates look very elegant, but warm and welcoming at the same time. A gray mailbox stands in front of the black wood gate, creating a more interesting appearance. Beautiful small green shrubs grow in the front yard of the house.

Gate does not always come in the form of fence. It can even come as a pergola. As I have said above, gate is the point of entry a house. It also often functions simply as a decorative item. From the third picture, you can see a long pergola with wood pillars and roof. The pergola also has natural stone floor tiles. The long pergola serves as a passage that leads to the entry door of a house with white exterior walls.

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